Tuesday, July 15, 2014

THE resume

I just finished writing my resume.  It's not your traditional, boring, typewritten resume.  This thing has got Class.  A friend from my church developed this online, uber-cool way of writing up a resume. It's called Sumry.  You start by answering a bunch of basic questions about yourself and the answers are plugged into a preset form that helps you develop a very unique resume.  It's not just about your skills - it's about who you are.  Why type of person are you?  Your qualifications are as important as your life story.  I love the set up - and I loved writing it.  I wanted to keep writing.  I had to stop myself from writing more.  Geez.  I need to write a book or something.

Here's a link to my Sumry resume.  I'm also working on one for Super Hero.  I figured a year and a half of no job ought to warrant a new kind of approach to job hunting.  Let's freak out all those engineers out there with this new kind of resume!

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