Monday, September 17, 2012

Safe Center

Holland has been at the Safe Center for about a month now.  We go every weekend to visit him and to have counseling sessions with the therapist there.  He is doing very well.  Which can be good and bad.  We WANT him to get better, but the insurance will look at his behavior and say, 'why are we paying for this if he doesn't really need services?'  He doesn't have the same triggers at the Safe Center that he does at home.  So it's like they have to create situations for him to practice calming himself and not getting angry. 

We've spent the night twice, which he loved.  And was actually easier for us because the drive is so long.  And this past weekend, we were finally able to bring Romania and Egypt for a visit.  I can't tell you how excited Romania was.  All week long saying, "I get to see my brother in 5 days!"  It was so nice to hear how excited he was! 

Here are several pictures from the past few visits.

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