Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shiny Children

I have such brilliant children. No, seriously. They are so smart, they figure out ways to stump me with their logic. Here's a conversation that happened today:

Romania yells from upstairs: "Mom, Egypt hit me for no reason!"
Egypt yells back: "He hit me, too!"
Romania yells again: "Yes, but I had a reason!"

Isn't that great? How do kids manage to have conversations that defy logic? Here's another great conversation overheard. By the same two involved in the last one.

Egypt: "You are such a monarch!"
Romania: "That's a butterfly. I think you mean 'moron'."
Egypt: ....."aaarrrrrghghghghg!!"

Wasn't that nice of him to correct her? I mean, what kind of brother would actually take time to tell his sister the right way to insult someone? See? Pure brilliance.

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