Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday with Holland

Today I got a late start and didn't get to the hospital until close to 4. Traffic was horrible. Car on fire on I205. Major construction on MLK. Four lanes squished to one for a few blocks. Took me close to an hour to get there. As soon as I walked in, he announces that the doctor said he could leave. I didn't really think this was accurate because he tends to hear things the way he wants them to go. When the doctor did come in to chat, he said that they talked about Holland leaving on Friday, so I understood why he got excited. All he heard was "go home". So he was a bit upset. He's also not eating. They've started to monitor his caloric intake because they don't want him to lose weight. I know it's just because he doesn't like new things. The hospital did a fantastic job with all the gluten free food, but with Holland's issues, I'm really not surprised he's not eating it. They did start offering him Boost drinks and I had given him those before when he went through a spot of not wanting anything at home. I've also brought tons of food he likes: gluten free bread I made; blueberries from our garden; snap peas from Aunt Heather; strawberries; cantaloupe; cherries. He loved it all and that ended up being his dinner.

The bad thing about not being able to leave tomorrow is the social worker can't meet until Friday. So he has to wait two extra days until I can have an exit meeting with her. Totally not good. My dad's birthday is tomorrow and when he found out he might be missing a party, he got really upset. They talked about doing an hour pass, but getting him back into the unit would probably get ugly. I see no reason to make him go back. Once we leave, that's it.

So far the doctor has eliminated or reduced with the intention of eliminating, 3 meds. So happy about that. Simplify. And since we are treating Severe Mood Dysregulation instead of Bipolar, I think the treatment is going to be way better. Tomorrow I'm meeting with the psychiatrist that Super Hero and I met with a few weeks ago. I don't plan on continuing that relationship, but the social worker thought it was very important to meet with him since I already had the appointment. I still have not had a chance to call the nurse practitioner that was recommended. But what can I say? The hospital staff lock up my purse and phone and I'm without technology (and bored!!) for 6 or more hours.

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