Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shriners: Part II

I blogged awhile ago about Egypt getting into Shriners for her arthritis. There was this whole application process and when we were approved, we went up to meet with the doctor to determine if she could be helped by their services. It was determined that yes, she would. I thought I would continue with them, but after trying to get ahold of the case manager to make another appointment, I felt weird because they saw that I went back to our original doctor. We had already made a follow-up appointment before the Shriners appointment, so I just kept it. The case manager says, "Well, are you using his services or ours? There should be only one doctor handling this." So I felt weird. I should be able to go to any doctor I want, so I stopped going there.

After finding out Holland's orthotics were going to cost us $500, I decided to give Shriners another chance. I applied for care for his spina bifida and hopefully they will determine that all his leg problems, etc are caused by that. Otherwise we can't get help from them. We got an approval letter in the mail and have an appointment in August. Now I have to call all the doctor's we've seen over the years and have them send copies of all the x-rays, CAT scans, surgeries he's had.

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