Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Tests Scheduled

I had a really good meeting yesterday with the special ed people from the district. These are the same people that tested Holland 3 years ago when he was first put on his IEP. They are competent, thorough and mindful of his limitations regarding duration of testing. We have scheduled 4 sessions, each 2 hours. I've got it all figured out how I'm going to motivate him to make it through the hours of testing: poker chips.

My sister started this "yes, mom" contest at her house about a month ago. Every time a kid utters the words "yes, mom" and does what was asked, they get a token put in a jar. I've set up jam jars in my kitchen window and bought poker chips for tokens. Each kid has a different color, so there's no swappin' going on. The first week Romania won. Then Egypt won. The third week, Holland had it in the bag. But after a disastrous day and behavior that would have scared the socks off anyone watching, I removed half of his tokens. I didn't want to to it. I wanted the tokens to reflect the positive behavior and what good things he was doing. But I just couldn't let this go by. As it turned out, Romania and Egypt tied, so I took them out for a quick treat of ice cream at McDonald's. From his reaction, you would have thought that I'd
killed a pet or something. Ice cream made him physically distraught. I thought he was going to throw up and I prayed that he didn't destroy anything while I was gone.

So next week, I'm giving poker chips to the testers so they can reward Holland during the testing. Hopefully he'll rack up a huge number of chips and run away with the win. At some point this all has to get better. The tension in this house makes me want to crawl back in bed everyday. If I didn't have to take Romania to the bus, I probably wouldn't get out of bed every day.

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Lizzie said...

I'm really glad they are going to retest. I can't imagine what you've been thru. Those 3 kids are so lucky to have you. You are truly an inspiration to me. ((HUGS!!))