Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vacation's Over

Although it was a nice few restful days, the turmoil is back. They had lots to share of what they did at the beach (and more importantly the things they got at the Dollar Store). But it's back to being stressed-out. On top of all the stress, I got sick. Really sick. I was really thinking it had completely missed me. Super-hero got really sick; and both boys had it in one form or another. Egypt kinda got stuffy but nothing too big.

Sunday afternoon I had a headache, but that's so normal. The only other thing was I was so completely tired. Not just tired I'm gonna take a nap. Tired I can't even walk. I rested and when I got up I felt no better. The pile of dirty clothes covers the entire upstairs hallway and I couldn't even get up to do it. Super-hero made dinner for the kids and I actually ate. But when I went to bed early (I was told to go to bed!) at 9.15, I lay in bed until 12.30 and hadn't slept at all. I just lay awake singing hymns in my head. Now hymns aren't normally bad, but I could not stop my mind from going and I think I may have slept an hour after moving downstairs to the couch after listening to my bed-mate snore.

By Monday I was throwing up whatever I ate and I only ate toast and ginger ale. The kids watched movies and the boys spent some time next door with the neighbor boys. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. Super-hero bought some Unisom for me and I actually slept last night, but woke up with a dry mouth and a little loopy from the sleep aid. Today was a little better. The boys went back to play next door, Egypt watched movies and played with play-doh and painted. I just lay on the bed and wondered how I was going to fix dinner.

The worst part is, when the boys were called home (and I warned Holland about this), they were told they would be eating dinner here and not going back. Then I was told that they had been invited to spend the night. Not only is this not a good idea for behavior reasons, I would never let the boys spend the night there because I just don't trust the situation between the two adults (who aren't married). This sent Holland into a tailspin. It was so not pretty to look at. We had upped one of his meds this past Sunday because he was getting so out of control. There was no other way, except hospitalization, to curb it. So on Sunday, he falls asleep on the way to church and I just let him sleep on the pew next to me during the whole service. He just could not handle the situation. We ate dinner, he took a bath and went to bed at 7.30.

And now I have to figure out how I'm gonna go grocery shopping with these three for my Bunco game on Friday. I so want to do something fun and normal again.

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