Thursday, March 12, 2009

Someone Dropped the Ball

Today I met with my ES for an IEP review. We meet three times a month, but four times a year we have to review Holland's goals and mark his progress. He has not been in a good mood lately which is making everything difficult. While we were waiting for the ES, I asked about the Co:Writer software that we're waiting for. The secretary said that she couldn't find the paperwork. When I asked my ES about it, she said we both signed it and she gave it to me to turn in. I do NOT remember it this way. I never turn in any of the paperwork for things I want ordered. I fill out the form, sign it and give it to my ES to order. So this whole time I've been waiting for what I thought was approval for the software and no one actually had the order form. I don't get this at all. I spoke with these two people several times about the process and was told we were waiting to get approval because if the school couldn't use the software on someone else, they may not want to order it for a single student.

People all around me are dropping the ball. I'm ready to cancel all the speech sessions we've been having. Well, I don't really need to do that because our speech person has been doing that for me. I had to move my entire schedule around because she couldn't meet on the two days per week we originally agreed upon. We finally worked out where she would come to our house for Holland's speech. On Thursday, the day of the speech session last week, she called saying she needed to reschedule for some reason. So we bumped it to Friday, which I didn't want to do because that left one day to shop for birthday presents for the boys. I agreed to it and Friday morning she calls and says she misjudged the time it would take her to drive to my house from her last appointment. She wanted to bump it an hour. I said no that I could do it 30 minutes later than she originally said. Luckily I had my mom coming over to watch the kids while I went out. But it just happened again today. It was Romania's first full day of Spring Break and I had a dr. appointment, a meeting with the ES and then Speech. I just listened to the machine as she left a message saying she needed to reschedule yet again. I haven't even called her back. I'm so tired of being bumped around and it really messes up Holland.

I need a vacation.

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