Friday, June 17, 2011

The Beach!

We've been in Seaside for almost a week and I do NOT want to leave! It has been so much fun. We've played so many times on the beach, I've lost count. The house we rented is just fabulous. The owners have done an amazing job with some remodeling and it still has all the charm of an old house (I think it was built in the early 20's). We've had fun talking through the floor to the kids! There are vents on the first floor that you can see through to the basement. Whenever someone is talking, it's hard to tell where they are in the house. The little ones like to stand downstairs and just talk like you're in the same room!

My nephew is playing in a beach soccer tournament, so my sister, my mom and I rented a house in Seaside where the tournament is taking place. We decided to come the week before the event. It's been amazing - the weather has been so kind, the kids have had a great time and we've made some special memories during the trip. A friend I've known for over 20 years (we used to work at a Christian Conference Center in Cannon Beach) still lives in Cannon Beach and I try hard to see her when we are able to come to town. This week was a crazy schedule for her, but she was able to make time on Friday to meet us at 7 in the morning to go hunting for sand dollars at low tide. She said this particular beach was usually just littered with sand dollars. And they weren't broken! I have never seen a sand dollar with all the fuzzy stuff on it. Only when they're dried up and broken. We walked around and found so many different sizes and colors of sand dollars. And Holland was even able to catch a razor clam! Some guys were clamming when we got down there and one let Holland dig and then pull the clam out and keep it! He was so proud! What a great experience! I'll post some pictures of our adventure later when I have time to make a cool slide show. We leave on Sunday and I want to stay the whole summer!!!

What we witnessed this week is truly proof of an amazing God!

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