Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Day, Another Window

We've had two sessions with our new doctor for Holland. And I really like her. She's a nurse practitioner, but she has her Ph.D and she can prescribe meds as well as counsel. Hoping to get some bang for our buck. I gave her lots of paperwork on Holland and she was impressed with all that I brought (finally!, Someone who appreciates what I do!) At our second appointment, she had had time to look through everything and we were able to discuss med changes, what meds he'd been on and which ones I thought didn't work. We also talked about an ADHD med, but that will come later, if at all.

I had to email her for some counsel because Holland broke another window. This time my sister had come over every morning during this week for about 4 or 5 hours to help me clean, organize and work on Holland's angry outbursts. He had been told he couldn't play with friends due to prior behavior. When a neighbor girl came over to invite Egypt to come play in their sprinkler and he was told (repeatedly) that he couldn't go, he got physical with me. My sister ended up stepping in and basically after not being able to stop the violent behavior, we put him in his room and waited. Much of his belongings had been removed, but we couldn't remove his window and he threw a ceramic piece he had made into the window several times and punched a big hole in the back of his door (again). I wish he would have smashed the old computer in his room. Then I wouldn't have to deal with husband being mad that he had to replace another window. Which he didn't even want to do. I told him he needed to remove the glass because Holland was starting to pick pieces off and saving it for his spear to injure deer in our backyard. Our doctor said we could increase on of the meds he was on and that should help slow him down. Which sounds really awful when you just hear that. But after being hit, kicked, spit on, called names and yelled at, then having him break a window, can't say I'm complaining about the slowing down part.

I also have made many phone calls trying to find us more help. My insurance doesn't cover any kind of day treatment program and I doubt any in-home assistance. I have several calls out to county agencies seeing what we qualify for. Hoping we can get some respite in-home care because if this doesn't get better, I'm admitting myself into a hospital to be taken care of.

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