Monday, May 4, 2009

We've Got Software!

I can hardly believe we finally have the writing support software. I think it was about three months ago that I approached the school about getting some kind of software for Holland. We've had lost order forms, canceled meetings, second software introduced, canceled meetings, avoiding giving me the software because someone else might need it (they really just wanted Holland's charter school to pay for it, not the school district). Then finally after 3 months of this, I get an email about two weeks ago from the OT who said she just might have the software that would work. Ok. I don't understand that. You had it all along? Yup. And she even had had training on it last year.

I think it was actually worth the wait. Hopefully I get to actually keep it on my computer and this isn't just a tease and I'll have to uninstall it. I wouldn't be surprised by that based on all that's happened. But anyway - it's a great program and there's free support materials online. Many teachers that have used it, have submitted their own forms that you can use right online. The software allows the student to use pictures, sound, words, video and animation to write. The program will read the words or sentences just like the other software. But this one is different because you can create your own writings from documents on your own computer, or from any website. Here's their website: it's called Clicker 5.

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